J3D: taming WebGL


I started to work with WebGL a few months ago. WebGL (in case you never heard about it) is a new emerging standard for rendering GPU accelerated graphics in the browser, without any plugins. Not all browsers support it yet, but the latest Chrome and Firefox do and others are about to follow (Safari, Opera, sadly not IE for the moment).


Woodbots, an interactive installation

For the past 5 moths I have been working with North Kingdom on an interactive installation called Woodbot Pilots. I’m happy to announce that it had been launched last week!


More Unity3D trainings in London

Unity3D Training Game

This is just a quick post to let you know that I will be doing more Unity3D training sessions in London – on Nov 15th-16th and Nov 17th-18th 2010. There is still a couple of places left for both, so if you want to learn some cool 3D stuff, you can book it here, but hurry up – the last session was sold out.


C# events and Unity3d

Did you know that C# has a built-in event system? And a very good one! It can be quite useful with Unity3D. This article provides an example.


Unity3D training

Hands-on Unity3d, 21-22 Oct 2010

I’m proud to announce, that I will be running a 2 day training in London later this month. I will be teaching Unity3D, showing how to use the editor and how to work with various assets. I will be also giving an introduction to scripting in C# and hopefully we will be able to cover some features of the latest release of the editor.


Old school effects with shaders

While at FITC San Francisco I attended the session of IƱigo Quilez who is a demoscene veteran, currently working at Pixar. He showed us lots of interesting stuff he created with GLSL. He also showed examples of some more basic stuff like those below. These are very old school effects known to the demoscene artists since the dawn of civilization (that is the ’90s).