User stream (Webcam) + WebGL

HTML5 is full of surprises these days! I had no clue that there are browsers out there that already support user stream (i.e. webcam). This was always something missing in HTML5 compared to what Flash could do.


Super cool updates

Welcome back everyone! I haven’t posted for a while, but the reason is simple: I’ve been busy. I don’t find enough time these days to write long articles like I used to. I have a lot of things to post about though, so my plan is to make my articles shorter :) For start, here’s a quick update of what I have been doing since last July.


WebGL experiments cont.

WebGL never cease to amaze me. The combination of great performance, powerful features (even if they’re not safe :) and the immediate mode of development makes it the perfect tool for joyful tinkering with code, mathematical formulas and visual effects. Here are some of the experiments I did recently.


ROME “3 Dreams of Black”

I’m happy to announce that “3 Dreams of Black”, a project I was working on for the last 5 months has been released last week.

“3 Dreams of Black” is an interactive music video directed by Chris Milk for Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. It features a song from their latest album ROME, performed by Norah Jones. It’s part of the Chrome Experiments series and was created entirely with HTML5 and WebGL.


Webgl workshop, NYC, June 9, 2011

WebGL workshop, NYC, June 9-12

Last year I did a few training courses in London. I was quite fun, so this year I plan to do more. To start with, I’m preparing a new workshop about webgl.


J3D: taming WebGL


I started to work with WebGL a few months ago. WebGL (in case you never heard about it) is a new emerging standard for rendering GPU accelerated graphics in the browser, without any plugins. Not all browsers support it yet, but the latest Chrome and Firefox do and others are about to follow (Safari, Opera, sadly not IE for the moment).