Unity3D training

Hands-on Unity3d, 21-22 Oct 2010

I’m proud to announce, that I will be running a 2 day training in London later this month. I will be teaching Unity3D, showing how to use the editor and how to work with various assets. I will be also giving an introduction to scripting in C# and hopefully we will be able to cover some features of the latest release of the editor.

Unity3D version 3 has been released only a few days ago. The new version is packed a tremendous amount of new and cool features. Great games & other projects are created with Unity3D every day, so there has never been a better moment to start learning it! You can read all the details about the training on the LFPUG page, who is also the organizer of the session. Unfortunately, the tickets have been sold out. However, if you would like to learn some Unity3D, please contact me (bartek [at] everyday3d.com) or Tink (training [at] lfpug.com). We are pretty excited about the interest people are showing for this topic, so currently we are planning to run another session in London in November and there are still a few places left on the list. I got a couple of requests to run such a training in other places, so hopefully I will be bringing some Unity3D goodness to other cities in Europe as well. I’m working out the details, and I’ll keep you posted. If you would be interested in hosting a Unity3D training session in your city, please let me know!

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