WebGL experiments cont.

WebGL never cease to amaze me. The combination of great performance, powerful features (even if they’re not safe :) and the immediate mode of development makes it the perfect tool for joyful tinkering with code, mathematical formulas and visual effects. Here are some of the experiments I did recently.

You’ll need Firefox 4/5 or Chrome and a GPU that supports WebGL to run the examples. There is more here. I keep adding new stuff almost every week so be sure to check that page from time to time. All the demos are made using a little framework of mine called J3D (didn’t I mention it already?) It is available on github along with the source code of all the demos. Instead of writing a long article about WebGL pros, cons or whatever, let me just say that if you ever had any interest in realtime graphics, make yourself a favor and try WebGL right now!

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